Comparative Market Value Analysis

This tool will help you quickly estimate the market price and rent of any property as well as provide a list of comparable properties. Easiest CMA tool ever.

Investment Home ROI Analysis

Perform a quick return-on-investment analysis of any investment property on or off market with auto-estimated price, rent and all the payments including mortgage, insurance and property tax.

Investment Home Super Screener

Spending too much time trying to pick the best investment home everyday? This ultimate tool is designed to help you locate the investment property with the best cash flow in a city with no efforts at all.

Growth Per Zip Code Area

Are you a growth chaser? This tool provides the trailing year/quarter growth rate and ranking of price and rent for every zip code area in the city.

Growth Rate Heatmap

This multi-year growth rate heatmap shows you where the high growth area is and how they shift over the years.

Rent Over Price Heatmap

Would like to know which area in the city produces the best cash flow? Look at this wonderful heatmap generated from rent over price ratio of properties all over the entire city.

School Score Heatmap

Looking for the best school districts in the city? You can get a heatmap generated from aggregate school ratings here.

Real Estate History Data Chart

Wondering the macro trend of local real estate market? These sales/lease transaction data chart at different granularity level can help you see everything clearly.

Property Tax Analysis

Property tax too high? This tool will compare the property tax of your home vs sales price and appraisal value of comparable properties in the same community