Comparative Value Analysis for Property Tax Appraisal Protesting in Texas


Why do we appeal?

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In the recent years, the real estate market in Austin has been red hot due to the net population in-flow in Austin as well as the pro-longed low-interest policy from the Fed. While it's a good thing to see the equity value in your home increase year by year, you will have to a lot more tax for it that you originally signed up for when you purchased the house many years ago. Some of properties in Austin has increased by 50% or even 100% in the last five years. When the real estate market crashed, the county and city government would like to increase the tax rate. When the real estate market is booming, they are just happy to get more and more tax by keeping the same tax rate. In many cases, they even price your home more than what you can sell it for. Fortunately, we can protest the appraisal value if it is more than the market value or unfairly priced when compared against similar houses in your neighorhood. If you decide to take on the property tax appealing process by yourself, you need evidence to show to the appraisal review board. Therefore, we have made this tool freely available for the Austin residents so that you can easily find the list of comparable houses in your area with lower unit price per square feet.

If you decide to go with the appeal by yourself, here is a detailed guide on how to do that. Otherwise, you can always find a tax protesting company to do the job for you. If no tax reduction is done, you don't have to pay anything. If tax reduction is achieved, a portion of that goes to the tax protesting company (usually 30%-50%).

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Disclaimer: the comparable appraisal and transaction information is only for informational purpose and comes with no warranty. It doesn't guarantee any tax reduction.

If you have any questions regarding the information provided, please contact us.