Term of Use

  1. Estimate of market rent, market price and growth rate displayed on the site only serves as an opinion. It doesn’t come with warranty of any kind in terms of accuracy. If the user make investment decisions based on the estimated values, the user will be solely responsible for whatever outcome the investment decision produces. UnicornTech Inc will not by any means be responsible for any loss incurred from the user’s investment decisions.
  2. Market price estimate displayed on the site does not constitute and should not be understood as a professional appraisal as defined by Texas Appraiser and Licensing Certification Board (TALCB).
  3. If you use a paid subscrption (Premium level and Professional level),you will not share your account with other persons or business entities except the following exceptions:
    • Members of your family
    • Assistants, secretaries directly reporting to you.
  4. You will not share information restricted to users of paid subscription to the public.
  5. UnicornTech reserves the right to terminate the subscription to any user at any time for any reason. If termination is caused by violation of the terms of use, no refund will be made for the remaining billing period. Remedy for any additional damage caused by violation of terms of use will be pursued by any legal means necessary. If termination is initiated by UnicornTech with no fault on the user, UnicornTech will issue prorated refund for the remaining billing period.